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About Karen

Karen Firebaugh 
Nia¬ģ 1st Degree Black¬†Belt Teacher
Advocate at dŇćTERRA¬ģ Essential Wellness

Creativity. Conditioning. Connection. Community.

I've done many different fitness programs throughout my 65+ years. Like Les Mills Body(fill in the blank, I did them all) and T'ai Chi Ch'uan - I even tested successfully for Teacher Apprentice in T'ai Chi and won a gold medal competing in tournaments. But that was all before Nia!

I fell in love with Nia in 2012 before I even danced a step! I asked the physical therapist I was working with (to help alleviate knee and hip pain) to customize a workout regimen for me. Instead, he told me about (what he called) a "Non-Impact Aerobics" class at the Y. Local class times didn't jibe with my work schedule, so I found myself driving an hour each way every Saturday to dance, kick, punch, sweat, and smile my way through Nia classes at Joy of Movement, Chatham Millis in Pittsboro North Carolina.

During a guided meditation, asked what I'd do if I listened to my heart, I was surprised to realize I wanted to share Nia as a teacher! I took the Nia White Belt Intensive Training in November 2013  And the rest is her-story! By year-end, counting re-takes, that'll be 20+ trainings in 6 years - I love to learn and revisit that learning with new perspective and yet with beginner's mind! Nia training nerd extraordinaire! 

Through the practice of Nia, I am more connected with my body and more connected to Joy - and that connection is by no means limited to class time. I feel more graceful, more alive, sexier, and more beautiful. And I know I'm stronger, have greater range of motion in my hip joints, am more flexible in my spine, and have more muscle definition in my chest and shoulders. And I have little or no pain in my knee and hip. Life is just more fun! And! I've developed a deep and abiding trust and love for myself and my body through Nia and Nia FreeDance! Karen Firebaugh Nia Brown Belt Teacher

I've been interested in natural ways of caring for myself and my family since college; whole foods, homeopathics, herbs, flower essences, and essential oils. Then several years ago, my niece began using dŇćTERRA¬ģ essential oils and that was¬†my re-introduction to the power of oils, CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade¬†essential oils. So now, I'm an Advocate with dŇćTERRA Essential Wellness and love being part of a company that's "revolutionizing the way families manage their health" using "nature's most powerful elements". It was a natural progression to begin diffusing oils in my Nia classes and creating Chakra-balancing Nia playshops! Now, as I lead¬†Essential Healing Circles, I am continually¬†delighted & surprised at the powerful synergy Nia & essential oils create together.

I teach Essential Oil Basics classes, offer lunch’n’learns, and meet with people one-on-one to listen to their health concerns and help them choose oils that offer real and lasting natural solutions. I teach Nia classes and special events in Greensboro. Pittsboro. and Beyond. And, when I visit my son and granddaughter in Sewanee, Tennessee or my sister in Belfast, Maine, you can bet there's will be a Pop-Up Nia class and EO Basics or specialty focus class!

My passion is sharing the JOY of movement and natural healthy living with all ages, genders, fitness levels, and body types. My focus is on building a vibrant, inspired community, empowering each other to feel better and live better ... through healing movement and essential oils. I dream of taking this on the road in an ever-widening circle. Want to connect?!

Changing the world, one drop at a time!
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