You've been wanting to find out about Nia and why I'm passionate about it. Here's your chance. We're Dancing to Shine the Light on Hunger - a 1 hour Nia® Technique sampler, taught by Greensboro's Licensed Nia Teachers: ​J​ennifer Kissam, Cynthia Wolfe​, and me!​

The Club at Green Valley jumped on-board with our idea to do a fundraiser for Greensboro Urban Ministry and is waiving guest fees for those who bring a non-perishable food donation or check. Members are also encouraged to bring a donation.

Cyndy, Jen and I got together today for several hours, fine-tuned the playlist, and danced the routines, tweaked and danced some more. I don't think I stopped smiling all afternoon. I am so grateful to have this community of Nia sisters right in my own backyard!

Sneak peak of the final playlist:
Jen (Soul)
Medicine Man's Other Room
May You Walk in Sunshine
Red Storm Rising
Me (Bailando)
Samba Natural
So Eu E Voce
Cyndy (Velvet)
National Dobro
How Does It Feel
Spring Again

I'm super excited for this opportunity to teach with these beautiful women and to share Nia with friends - old and new - and family. And to start a new Greensboro Tradition: Dancing to Shine the Light on Hunger!

Join us! Come dance, kick, stretch, and laugh with us! Experience Nirvana in Motion!!
I hope to see you there!

Licensed ​Blue​ Belt & 52 Moves Nia ​Teacher