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energy of st patty - Nia FreeDance experience

energy of st patty - Nia FreeDance experience

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 5:13pm -- Karen Firebaugh

It happened again! One friend said to another, you know Karen and I teach on St Patrick's Day ... I wonder if she has a playlist! hint.hint! I'm a playlist magician, according to some... it's my passion, my calling, the rabbit hole of Spotify!

My Irish friends might tell me I'm dead wrong, but I sure love the fiddle-playing, haunting melodies that I associate with Ireland, so BAM, this playlist practically created itself. 

Nia FreeDance is a gently-guided conscious movement journey for dancers and non-dancers alike! Join us as we breathe, explore, express, heal, connect, create - probably sweat and smile!

dancing your dance, individually and in community
body emotions mind spirit

Let me know if you want to know when, where, how! and then you can tell me how it was for you!

We'll share "tea" and community on the Chatham Market porch afterwards.

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