So. We're going to visit our granddaughter Maya and her papa, our son, in Sewanee ... and I'm a Nia teacher, Charlotte with grandson, Matthew. 1976and they love to do Nia. Or maybe it's that they love me. Anyway. Before I know it, Joshua is making arrangements for me to teach a Nia class in the Dance Studio at Fowler Center, University of the South. Sewanee TN.

August 20th. 10:30 am. Ask for directions to the studio at the front desk.

It's a special day. My mom, Charlotte Smith, would have been 93 that day. She and my dad, Henry, lived in Sewanee for, well, ages as I was born there. I don't know if Mom would have liked Nia, but she loved being alive! And she loved moving her body, swimming, walking, cycling. And she loved her children, grandchildren, and oh my gosh, she'd have loved her great-grandchildren. So I know I'll feel her presence when I dance in memory of her that day! 

Join us! Step-in, discover Nia and the Joy of Movement, and celebrate this one beautiful perfect body you were given! 

See you on the Dance Floor!