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Music, Movement, Magic - Nia with Karen

Music, Movement, Magic - Nia with Karen

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 7:43pm -- Karen Firebaugh

I am thrilled to share Pop-Up Nia at Athleta in Friendly Center Greensboro again on Saturday, August 17 and September 7, at 9:00 am. So far Nia and I have been very well-received and they keep inviting me back... Maybe on a regular schedule of FIRST SATURDAYS!  Vote with your body!
I love sharing with new people - and thanks to Athleta, I have greater reach. And I love that some experienced folks get to add one more Nia day to their week.

Discover the Joy of Nia®. Drawing on the wisdom of martial arts, dance and healing arts, Nia is a fabulously fun workout for the body, mind, and spirit. Done barefoot to soul-stirring music, Nia is perfect for anyone who wants to dance to stay fit.
Nia classes leave you feeling alive, energized, and rejuvenated, with a smile on your face! Nia empowers people of all ages and abilities.
Join us for an innovative approach to fitness and healing - sassy, silly, sexy, savage, serene … all in one class experience!

FREE class for new and experienced alike! Thank you, Athleta!

Pre-registration preferred.

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