When I first discovered Nia back in 2012, freedance was my least favorite part. I thought I didn't know how to do it right! I felt self-conscious and awkwardly shy. Once I became a teacher, I'd often skip over the freedance songs when learning routines and never practiced the stages of freedance; it seemed a waste of my "limited" time. Then in the fall of 2016, one of my favorite Nia choreographers, Adelle Brownlee Brewer, was to lead a Nia FreeDance training at the Joy of Movement in Pittsboro NC (where I now teach). I'd have taken any training to spend a weekend dancing with her. I told myself, maybe it would help me feel more comfortable teaching freedance and I'd learn some tips. I found so much more...

I FELL IN LOVE! with my Self and the endless possibilities of ways to move! and with a seemingly endless supply of music (can you say Spotify?!) and oh my gosh,  with the community! I discovered I did have My Own Dance - we all do - we are born to it! I found that listening to the music and inviting my body to move as it is inspired, has enhanced my teaching of Classic Nia and Nia Moving to Heal! And I find I'm more creative in my life off the dance floor. Wouldn't you like some of that? Whether you teach, or dance, or write, or draw? or have a life?!

Won't you have a little taste of Nia FreeDance? and dance with me at The Joy of Movement at Chatham Mill in Pittsboro!

Fourth Friday Nia FreeDance & doTERRA chakra playshops
May 25, Jun 22, Jul 27, Aug 24 6:00-7:30pm
Your body wants to express itself!
Your chakras want to dance!
a guided chakra meditation and your choice of doTERRA essential oil samples for support and balance
AND an hour of Nia FreeDance to an incredible sonic landscape. 
$25/class or $85/series