Nia is balance powerI'm looking for that one word or phrase - that pearl - that really explains what Nia is! And, of course, ultimately entices you to join me. Won't you help me out here?

I was first introduced to Nia as a way to get fit without further injury. What I found was a pleasurable way to move and a community and a life practice. And joy! have I mentioned the Joy? I mean, do you smile when you workout?

Nia is often described as a cardio-dance workout, yet that word "workout" doesn't quite capture the experience. nor does "dance". nor "cardio". Yes, we're moving to music, so that is dance. and yes, heart rates usually increase, so that's cardio. But it's not a dance class in the traditional sense of the word. It's more! And tho Nia is "fusion" fitness, a blend of martial arts, dance, and healing arts, again, it's much more! It's NOT T'ai Chi or Aikido or Yoga or Modern Dance, but the energies, the chemistries of those arts (and 5 others). There's conditioning. And healing. And sweat. And freedom and fun!

Here's the thing... Nia is different things to different people. You don't have to use all your vacation time for two years taking Nia Belt Trainings, as I did. And you don't have to come to class or dance every day, tho the benefits are measurably greater if you do. They say you can't describe Nia. It's like chocolate, you just have to try it. Won't you come have a taste? And tell me your word.