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Nirvana in Motion

Unlock the power of movement as a life-changing practice.
Re-discover your Self.
Transform how you move. live. love.

Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas created Nia almost 35 years ago. I only discovered it in 2012. But it was love at first sight as I stepped in with a PASSION! ... literally... Passion was the first routine I taught. :-)
Take a look/listen as Debbie shares a bit about Nia.

"My hope is that you'll fall in love with movement and being in your body."

That's my hope too! Find out what we're talking about. Feel free to take off your shoes!
Join me at Break'N Out** 
Tuesdays 5:30 pm
Thursdays 9:00 am
Saturdays 9:00 am

Nia is for everyBody! All ages, genders, body types, and fitness levels are welcome!

Two of my students went to Pittsboro with me Sunday afternoon for a special "Passionate" class with Raleigh Blue Belt Nia Teacher, Laura Ghantous! Over twenty women dancing Adele songs that Laura had adapted from the Nia routine Passion. SO fun! SO JOYful! a room full of smiling sweaty people dancing what we feel passionate about... a community sharing the JOY of movement... each in our own unique body's way.

Lisa and Julie and I talked all the way there and back, strengthening our connection, building our Nia Greensboro community, talking about all the possibilities for sharing Nia. In schools with teenagers, in cancer centers, with mobility challenged adults, with kids, in women's shelters, in retirement centers, in rehab facilities, in colleges. Nia truly is for EveryBODY! And the possibilities for sharing this Joy of Movement Nia practice are endless! Nia's philosophy is "through movement we find health." It's the "Love Your Body, Love Your Life!" workout.

9 movement forms
cardio-dance workout
body-mind aerobic fitness
fun fusion form & freedom
health. fitness. power. beauty.

You asked. We listened.
new Saturday, noon, and evening classes.

Nia with Karen at
Break'N Out Studio
2835 Battleground Ave, Gso
join in the dance!

Saturdays 9:00 am
Tuesdays 5:30 pm
Thursdays 12:00 pm 9:00 am - class time changes Thursday, June 30

 4-class package* $48
 8-class package* $88
12-class package* $120
drop-in $15 ~ applied to a package if you buy same class
*package expires 6 weeks from purchase


If you're thinking at all of taking Nia White Belt Training, either for personal growth or as the first step toward teaching Nia, sign up NOW! 
Take advantage of a $600 discount if you register for one of the White Belt Intensives in North Carolina or elsewhere!

Trainings this year with North Carolina's own Kate Finlayson:
June 18-24 Pittsboro, NC
Sep 30 - Oct 6 Lafayette, LA
Oct 15-21 Charlotte, NC 
Nov 11-17 Navarre, FL