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Unlock the power of movement as a life-changing practice.
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Transform how you move. live. love.

I am so excited to bring Nia to Kernersville NC at Studio Elevé Thursdays at 5:30 beginning January 15th. Though I fell in love with Nia instantly, the Judge in my head was often critical if I didn't get the steps "right". I took me a while to realize there in no wrong way to Nia. Yes, there is choreography and, yes, it's fun to follow it. But Nia is all about self-expression and sometimes that self moves left when the teacher moves right. If you look around the room in a Nia class (and on the Nia routine DVDs), if you're not too busy just smiling away as you dance, you'll see no two people interpret the move the same way. There is the Form of Nia (choreography based on Nia's 52 Moves). And there is the Freedom of Nia (bringing your unique, beautiful, magical self to the dance). Here are a few tips for new (and old) students.

You've been wanting to find out about Nia and why I'm passionate about it. Here's your chance. We're Dancing to Shine the Light on Hunger - a 1 hour Nia® Technique sampler, taught by Greensboro's Licensed Nia Teachers: ​J​ennifer Kissam, Cynthia Wolfe​, and me!​

The Club at Green Valley jumped on-board with our idea to do a fundraiser for Greensboro Urban Ministry and is waiving guest fees for those who bring a non-perishable food donation or check. Members are also encouraged to bring a donation.

People often shy away from Nia saying, "I can't dance" or "I'm not coordinated". My Canadian Nia and Twitter tribe sister, Mary Baxter, nails it in her blog post: Nia just looks like dancing. 

Join Elizabeth Cole in Kernersville Saturday Nov 22 For a FREE 2 hour Nia Introduction