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Unlock the power of movement as a life-changing practice.
Re-discover your Self.
Transform how you move. live. love.

People often shy away from Nia saying, "I can't dance" or "I'm not coordinated". My Canadian Nia and Twitter tribe sister, Mary Baxter, nails it in her blog post: Nia just looks like dancing. 

Join Elizabeth Cole in Kernersville Saturday Nov 22 For a FREE 2 hour Nia Introduction

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I'm really pumped about attending Nia Blue Belt Training starting Thursday November 6 at the Joy of Movement Studio in Pittsboro NC.  The training will be led by Winalee Zeeb, and will be extra special as my good friend and Greensboro colleague Cynthia Wolfe will be attending with me.  I hope to continue to post updates in the evenings during the week.