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Fri, 08/30/2019 - 3:33pm -- Karen Firebaugh

“Just for a moment, become aware of your own stillness… your lungs are breathing you, your heart is pushing blood and oxygen throughout your body, your digestive system is transforming your food into energy your body can use. Your nervous system is sending messages to your brain and your conscious brain is filtering thousands of subconscious thoughts per second to the one or two we call thinking. 

All this is being performed by the 37 trillion cells in your body. Each of these is constantly moving, reproducing and dying, completely regenerating every 7 years. Each of these cells is made of approximately 10 trillion atoms, all with protons, electrons, and neutrons in constant motion. Are you really still?

Now, as you stand/sit here, thinking and being, you are traveling on the surface of the earth at about 1000 miles per hour as the earth rotates. Our earth orbits the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour and our solar system is in motion through the Milky Way and the Milky Way is also in motion through the near neighborhood of galaxies we share.  

Just for a moment, breath and think and imagine being still in the midst of this movement, being carried along peacefully. 

This conscious engagement inspires our bodies to heal and flow in concert with the energy all around us. 

I am deeply grateful to participate with you in the dance you are sharing with the Universe.”*

Join us as Anne Shelton and I refresh Thursday evening Nia at the Joy of Movement Chatham Mills
A 6-week Nia series, an opportunity to move, to be still, to self-heal, to connect.
Sept 26 - Oct 31 6:00-7:00pm
Registration requested to reserve your place

6-Week Series - $60 investment
Zelle payment to 919-636-0856 (registration is not complete until payment is received)
JOM Nia Teacher’s class card accepted, and drop-in students welcome. Please call before coming. Just. In. Case!

*I do not know who to credit for the following post ... I saved this long ago and sadly didn't include the author's name... if you know, please tell me!