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Step IN - AMAZING Lifestyle Practice - yes, YOU!

Step IN - AMAZING Lifestyle Practice - yes, YOU!

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 7:54am -- Karen Firebaugh

I've always loved music and dancing... you can find me boogie-ing in rock and symphony concert alike. I even took ballet as a youth and teen, though my teacher once said if you could cut me in half, I'd be awesome: bottom half great, top half not so much. OUCH! I carried that hurt for decades. Enter Nia.

If you've read the "Karen" page, you know a little about how I found this mindful movement lifestyle called Nia. Bringing awareness to my movements and following the sensation of pleasure (no pain, ALL gain) is a practice that I follow on and off the dancefloor. And while Yes, I usually smile throughout class, I've been known to cry, too. Moving joyfully, listening to MY body, seems to touch something deep inside, releasing emotions I didn't know were there. So tears. growls. sighs. laughter. Truly self-healing. Powerful. And, dang, it's fun! and...  I sweat!!  

My friend and colleague, Amy, says it so well: "While Nia is exercise, truly it is SO much more. It is a mind-body-emotion-spirit movement practice that will nourish and heal you physically and soulfully. Release what you are holding within — fear, shock, sadness — and transform with movement." She goes on to say that since November, she has sometimes had to drag her a** to class. But always, always felt better. That's Nia.

Don’t hold back. Step IN.

FreeDance has always been part of a Classic Nia class, but now, thanks to Debbie Rosas, the co-creator of Nia, and my trainers, Adelle Brewer and Joanie Brooks, Nia FreeDance is offered as a unique class experience. At first, I took the NFD training to enhance how I teach the freedance portions of my classic Nia classes. And to spend a weekend dancing with Adelle, my shero and the choreographer of one of my favorite Nia routine, Bailando. But, WOW! I AM HOOKED!! Picture this: an hour listening to awesome music – soul-stirring music, a veritable sonic landscape! in a safe place where you're free to explore movement in your time, in your body’s way! journeying through body, emotions, mind, spirit... being "Moved by Music"! discovering that you are an artist and your body the canvas! being in community! OMG! right here in Greensboro!

Take the leap. Step IN.

And me, what am I doing on this crisp sunny day you ask? Down the rabbit hole of Spotify, dancing and creating more Nia FreeDance playlists. There's 10, so far. They just pour out of me! So let's get this party started, we've got lots of dancing to do!

Let your true dance unfold. Step IN!